Interconnect Devices and Laser Direct Structuring

3D-MID Technology: SelectConnect Technologies is Your Exclusive Partner in MID/LDS

SelectConnect Technologies is the leader in the production of 3D-MID applications in North America.

With a proven track record producing Laser Direct Structuring and 2-Shot Molding SelectConnect Technologies should be your partner in application development.

SelectConnect Technologies, a division of Arlington Plating Company, specializes in the production of 3D-MID (three-dimensional molded interconnect devices) components by providing laser direct structuring and electroless metallization.

Working with LPKF since 2010, SelectConnect Technologies has produced thousands of Laser Direct Structured components for a wide range of technological applications.

Interconnect DevicesWhile the main service that we provide is the Laser Direct Structuring with our MicroLine machines and electroless plating (copper, nickel, and immersion gold), we also work with our customers to properly develop the applications and prototype the design concept.

To produce a 3D-MID with laser direct structuring requires a proper mold design with a specific grade of plastic. Development of the circuit pattern also requires knowledge of the electrical functionality and process guidelines related to the laser structuring for the pattern to be effective and reproducible.

SelectConnect Technologies has also worked extensively with 2-shot molding to produce 3D-MIDs. With this method, the plastic molder combines a platable resin with a non-platable resin and SelectConnect Technologies employs a selective electroless plating process to activate the platable resin and deposit a layer of electroless copper, electroless nickel, and immersion gold to complete the circuits. While this method is more difficult to prototype, it can be more cost-effective for large scale production applications. SelectConnect Technologies, your partner producing 3D-MIDs.

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