3D MID applications are the focus of the automotive and medical device industry. In a 3D-MID, surface mount device components are normally on multiple levels.

Applications for 3D-MIDs are increasing due to the need to miniaturize, reduce costs and the wider availability of 3D-MID manufacturing service providers.

Common 3D MID Applications:

  • IV Regulators (medical)
  • Barometric pressure sensors (industrial)
  • Laptop antennas (consumer)
  • Cell-phone antennas (consumer)
  • Integrated connectors (industrial)
  • Automated pipettes (industrial)
  • Glucose meter (medical)
  • Steering wheel hub (automotive)
  • Control switch (motorcycle)
  • Security shields (consumer)
  • Dental tools (medical)
  • Radar filter (military)
  • Motion sensor (industrial)
  • Lead frame replacement (electronics)
  • Brake sensors (automotive)
  • LED lights (motorcycle, aircraft, home)
  • Positioning sensor (automotive)
  • Hearing aids (medical)
  • Temperature diagnostic pen (medical)
  • Rinsing unit (dental)
  • RFID antennas (industrial)
  • Insulin pump chassis (medical)

Mobile phone antennas are the largest application for LDS produced components with hundreds of millions manufactured annually.

3D MID is a rapidly growing design and manufacturing process. Use of the Laser Direct Structuring laser system for manufacturing 3D MIDs is well established in Europe on a range of applications. It is also widely used in Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea), predominately to support the world market for cell phone antennas with hundreds of millions produced and in service for mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID antenna applications.