Laser Direct Structuring Security HousingSelectConnect Technologies is a U.S. based service provider of Laser Direct Structured (LDS) security shields and housings to protect sensitive electronics and information in ATM, bank, defense, aerospace, medical devices and next-generation miniaturized products.

We provide state-of-the-art Laser Direct Structuring services – to produce tamper resistant three dimensional security shields on injection molded components. The housings work in conjunction system software to protect against physical intrusion and tampering with, or removal of the circuit boards, USB memory devices and sensitive electronic packages.

Laser Direct Structuring is the process of writing of circuit patterns on molded polymer housings and selectively plating the area activated by the laser using our patent pending SelectConnect™ process.

Partnering with OEMS in Early Phase Design, Development and Prototyping through High Volume Production of Security Shields Provides:

  • Fine line widths – to 150µm
  • Low cost single-shot molded housings
  • No tooling modifications to tune circuitry
  • Fast running changes, cost effective large volume production runs
  • Reduce cost and time to market
  • Multiple patterns
  • Easy to attach to the circuit board
  • Allows recovery of the PCB for repair
  • Housings can be removed without damage to the Printed Circuit Board
  • No potting or epoxy

Work with experts at managing Laser Direct Structuring security shield development and delivering the highest quality components required in critical security, ATM, bank, medical device, cellular, RFID and sensor products.