How would a part with laser direct structuring (LDS) work in conjunction with a Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)?

A very common misconception when looking at Laser Direct Structuring is that one can replace a Printed Circuit Board.

Laser Direct Structuring is not designed to replace a Printed Circuit Board, in fact it is more to compliment a Printed Circuit Board to bridge the gap between a circuit board, wiring harness and plastic part so you can get 3D.

It’s all about reducing parts. In the example part you have the circuit structure directly on the plastic part. The plastic part is also the mechanical holder for the battery inside and it it becomes the connector of these parts. So you can have multiple systems in one part.

Are you going to make a 32 layer big circuit board or mother board with Laser Direct Structuring?

Probably not. It is not designed for this type of stuff, but it can definitely replace complex wiring harnesses for automotive parts. You can eliminate the wiring harness and put the circuit structure right on the plastic part.

You can reduce part counts and definitely reduce weight while increasing reliability.