Today’s top innovations come from integrating new technologies such as 3D-MIDs into your devices or systems. Whether you are redesigning an existing system or creating something new 3D-MIDs need to be part of your design discussions. The reasons for this include:

  • Function integration. 3D-MID technology allows electrical, mechanical, optical and fluid functions to be integrated into smaller designs.
  • Miniaturization. With the elimination of wires, circuit boards and interconnects 3D-MID substantially reduces the size of your component or product.
  • Design Freedom. 3D-MIDs are designed to fit into existing locations or shapes. Circuit pathways travel along the component connecting part A to part B.
  • Weight Reduction. By eliminating wires, circuit boards and interconnects you reduce the overall weight of your component or device.
  • Increased Reliability. Fewer parts mean fewer opportunities for things to go wrong.

The drive to make devices smaller, lighter and more reliable is nothing new. Traditional design techniques have run their course. 3D-MID integration will take you to the next level of design and functionality.

Our next blog posting will delve further into the need and benefits of 3D-MID technology as outlined above. As always, please Contact an Engineer to learn more today!