PALATINE, Illinois, USA, April 5, 2017 –SelectConnect Technologies has published the white paper, “Trace Width and Space Limitations for Laser Direct Structuring.” The white paper details a study that was conducted to determine how close laser direct structuring (LDS) traces can be created and metallized without inducing over plating or bridging on PET/PBT material.

A geometric pattern with varying trace widths and spacing distances were structured onto plaques made from the three different materials. The plaques were subsequently plated with copper, nickel, and immersion gold and examined for signs of over plating. Trace widths and spacing were measured using video microscopy equipment.

Laser direct structuring (LDS) is the first step of a manufacturing process that creates circuit traces on three-dimensional molded thermoplastic components. Currently the leading technology for producing cell phone antennas, LDS has also been widely employed to manufacture a range of components for use in medical devices, security shields, automotive sensors, and GPS antennas– anywhere product miniaturization requires embedding circuits onto a molded component of a device.

Download and read the white paper