When you hold on to old technology because “it’s always been done this way,” we deny ourselves the opportunity to truly innovate.

The greatest technology shifts don’t come from small incremental changes within existing technologies, but rather from a total shift in how things are done. Often innovation results from someone taking on the challenge because others say it can’t be done.

Are you faced with a problem you can’t seem to solve with existing technology? Do you find yourself sometimes spinning your wheels because answers don’t exist within the existing solution structure? A 3D-MID may be your answer.

The drive to make components lighter, smaller, less complex and less costly is never-ending. Beyond design, a thorough understanding of the entire process chain is required (but often overlooked).  When you make a component less complex with a 3D-MID, the piece may look to be more expensive versus the status quo. But once you consider material and assembly costs —which a 3D -MID eliminates— it turns out to be an extremely cost-effective alternative.

For example, to meet mandated Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency standards as mandated by government regulations, the automobile industry continues to investigate new technologies to make vehicles lighter, more efficient (less complex) and less expensive. Several automakers are innovating using 3D-MIDs. Others are not far behind. 3D-MIDs eliminate wiring harnesses and separate circuit boards, as well as reduce the weight of a vehicle, thus making it more fuel-efficient.

3D MIDs are being used in multiple applications and industries. Click here to check out a partial listing. Additional applications are being developed daily Do you compete in any of them?

Get in the game. Don’t be the victim of the status quo. Connect with our engineers today to determine how your application can benefit by using 3D-MID.