What can we learn about 3D-MIDs from Peanut Butter Cups?

A lot.

But first let’s go back to our childhood and look at the infamous Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial. You know the one that shows how it all started.

Two guys, each one loves their snack of choice. One chocolate, the other peanut butter. Both have no intention of ever switching to the others’ snack of choice.

Then one day they round a corner from opposite sides and crash.

“Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!”

“Hey, you got peanut in my chocolate!”

Separate both chocolate and peanut butter are OK. But combined they’re awesome!

In the commercial it was serendipity. In real life Mr. Reese (a former Hershey employee) probably noticed something that many people took for granted and combine the two. In many cases, creativity is just taking two ideas that already exist and combining them into something new.

What two things would you combine to make something radically different?

Hey, my circuits are on your plastic component! And it works!

Not long ago someone thought of combining circuits and plastic components. The result: 3 -dimensional molded interconnects (3D-MID), changed the way cell phone antennas are made today.

You can get multiple antenna into smaller spaces because you have integrated antenna pattern and circuitry into an existing and previously unused space, the carrier. Antennas are no longer planer. Reception isn’t dependent on your orientation to the tower.

You have eliminated parts making the entire system less complex and more reliable.

How could you use a 3D-MID to make your product better?

Being creative is looking more closely to the combinations available to you. It’s about being fearless, not necessarily being more intelligent. After all, there are some intelligent people who aren’t overly creative.

Fearlessness, however, almost always exists in creative people. They lack the fear of others judging them and being laughed at if something doesn’t quite work. They keep trying. They know when they are onto something that could change the world.

Do you consider yourself fearless?

Can you see the benefits of 3D MID technology to your product?

Do you want to explore the combination of your product with our 3 dimensional molded interconnect technology?

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