New surface activation technology allows you to plate previously impossible to plate plastics like PEEK, Ultem, Nylon and Acetal without the use of chemical or mechanical etching. This process is perfect for connectors and replaces cadmium for military specification MTL-DTL-38999.

Benefits of Plating on PEEK, Ultem, Nylon and Acetal Over Traditional Plastics:

  • More strength (glass/carbon reinforced)
  • High temperature capacity
  • Lower weight (50% less than aluminum)

Characteristics of SAT vs Chemical or Mechanical Etch

  • High adhesion values
  • A smooth surface which retains the substrate profile
  • RoHS compliant

In order for the process to work an ionic palladium plating line is required which makes the number of companies with the ability to perform this process extremely rare.

However, due to the importance of this process to the Military/Aerospace industry, SelectConnect Technologies has made the investment to upgrade our capabilities. Take a look at the examples shown in this short video. Do they look like plastic parts to you?