When you selectively metallize circuitry on plastic, a 3 Dimensional Molded Interconnect Device or 3D-MID is created. The two main technologies to develop 3D-MIDs are Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) and the metallization of a 2-shot molded component.

The 4 R’s of Selective Metallization of Plastics include:

  • Reduce Weight: Plastics are half the weight and are strong enough to replace aluminum. Furthermore, the printed circuit board can be completely eliminated as the circuitry structure is directly metallized onto the plastic part. Weight savings are substantial!
  • Reduce Size: The combination of electric and mechanical systems combine with the efficient use of all the available space in the carrier to allow for significant reductions in size.
  • Reduce Complexity: Circuitry paths are run directly on the molded component, thereby eliminating wires and interconnects. The need for multilayer PCBs is also drastically reduced.
  • Reduce Cost: Because the electrical and mechanical systems are integrated, assembly times can be greatly reduced.
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