Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is essential when you own large volumes of Returnable Transport Items (RTIs). Here are two BIG reasons why…

  • Up to 25% of RTIs are lost per year
  • Counterfeit RTIs are returned to your facility to be replaced or reconditioned. In most cases, you don’t even own the RFID.

High Cost

The costs associated with these two factors alone can be staggering. However, your costs are further compounded by inefficiencies in your supply chain because you are unable to locate your valuable assets. The final cost adds up quickly and becomes astronomical!

Durability Issues

The main problem with traditional RFID tags is a lack of durability. Harsh environments require premium materials. You’re not only dealing with normal wear and tear but the elements as well. Exposure to water as well as deviations in temperatures can drastically reduce the efficiency of RFID tags. The long life expectancy of your RTI can require several tags over its lifetime. The proper materials need to be considered during the design phase.

Best Solution

RFID tags designed with Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) deliver unmatched durability and provide:
Long life to protect your most valued assets
Superior thermal, impact and vibration resistance
The ability to integrate the necessary circuitry directly onto the tag reducing the need for sub-components and costly assemblies

Design your durable RFID tags with SelectConnect. Contact Us today for a complimentary consultation regarding your application.