Partners of SelectConnect Technologies

Partnering with Industry Leaders for Exceptional Quality & Results

Our partners are leaders in their industry. SelectConnect Technologies partners with:

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG is a German-based equipment manufacturer supplying the laser machines and owning the patents for laser direct structuring. LPKF also has a USA-based group supporting the domestic market.

MacDermid surface finishing processes provide the electroless chemistry necessary to metalize copper, nickel, and gold to produce electronic traces for Laser Direct Structuring applications.

Phillips Plastics is a leader in 2-shot molding and can mold a wide range of geometries for 2-shot of Laser Direct Structuring applications.

RTP Plastics is a custom compounder supplying materials for both 2-shot and Laser Direct Structuring applications.

Poto Labs can produce prototype molds and small volume production for Laser Direct Structuring applications.

Stratasys has been developing methods to 3D print prototypes with Laser Direct Structuring materials.