Laser Direct Structuring: Automotive Applications

Key automotive applications are now utilizing Laser Direct Structuring of 3-D Molded Interconnect Devices (3D MIDs) to reduce weight and increase reliability.

Laser Direct Structuring creates 3D circuit boards on plastic. Since circuits run along the contours of molded components you have twice the surface area to work with compared to a traditional printed circuit board.

Laser Direct Structuring Automotive Advantages

  • The elimination of multi-layer circuit boards
  • The replacement of an aluminum chassis with a thermoplastic component
  • The elimination of wires through the integration of the circuitry
  • Fewer wires lead to a more reliable component due to fewer connection points that are prone to shake loose
  • Circuits can be run through holes and up walls allowing for true 3D design
  • Proper selection of Laser Direct Structuring materials allows for reflow soldering of surface mount components
  • Circuits can also be connected utilizing pads, pins, wire bonding and other connection types
  • Laser Direct Structuring utilizes electroless plating to metalize the circuitry and is RoHS compliant

Laser Direct Structuring Automotive Applications

  • Steering Wheel Hub
  • Brake Sensors
  • Positioning Sensor
  • Forward Control Switch (Motorcycle)
  • LED Lights (Motorcycle)
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