Laser Direct Structuring for Medical Device Development

Laser Direct Structuring offers medical design engineers a way to consolidate the footprint/size in the construction of interconnects by creating electronic circuit pathways on the medical device housing or chassis. The circuits that are created have a toughness with good adherence and physical construction that can improve the overall product quality.

3D-MIDs have been used successful for many years in medical and electronic applications, such as:

  • Insulin Pumps/Chassis
  • Dental Tools
  • Dental Rinsing Units
  • Cauterizing Tools
  • Touch Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • IV Regulators
  • Glucose Meters
  • Hearing Aids
  • Pincer
  • Temperature Diagnostic Pens

There are a wide range of plastics that can be used for both Laser Direct Structuring and 2-shot molding of 3D-MIDs depending on the application requirements. These include PC/ABS, PP, PBT/PET, PA, and LCP.

Medical applications take a considerable amount of development time and testing as compared with other end uses.  It’s best to develop several technical solutions for 3D-MID application development for testing and validation.

At SelectConnect Technologies we can work with you from prototyping through production on your medical device construction requirements.

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