Laser Direct Structuring for Military & Aerospace

Laser Direct Structuring for Military & Aerospace Applications with Ultra-Security Requirements

3D-MIDs are increasingly being used in military and aerospace for applications requiring miniaturization, manufacturing lightweight emitters and receivers of radio waves for UAVs, for ultra-security requirements of electronic devices, and on gear being used by soldiers and pilots.

With our laser direct structuring, military and aerospace electronic circuits can be embedded into a wide range of three dimensional plastic materials to create interconnects, antenna patterns, and provide EMI/RF protection.

Security shields can be constructed with Laser Direct Structuring circuits to provide a tamper proof interior in place of podding. Using 3D MID prototyping and application development can meet compressed lead times.

These electronic circuits are rugged by virtue of their construction.

The laser ablation aids in creating a solid foundation and strong bond adhesion between the plating and plastic.

Electroless copper serves as the main electrical conduit.

The electroless nickel coating applied over the copper delivers long term corrosion protection and adds to the durability of the trace.

Immersion gold is usually the final finish, which provides a layer that can be joined with electro-mechanical function requirement or enhanced with a surface mount.

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