Laser Direct Structuring for Security Shields

Laser Direct Structuring Protects Against Physical Intrusion and Tampering

Laser direct structuring for security shields can produce a physical barrier on the enclosure which will enable active packaging protection.

The Laser Direct Structuring created circuit pattern is a critical element of a high performance Level 3 or Level 4 cryptographic module used to mitigate problems caused by operating outside environmental design requirements.

Laser Direct Structuring for security shields also protects against physical intrusion and tampering of:

  • circuits
  • memory
  • electronic components
  • displays

These types of modules are commonly used to protect:

  • USB Type Memory Devices
  • ATM Machines
  • Security Tokens
  • Medical Devices
  • Bank Crypto Keys
  • Telecommunication Crypto Keys
  • Defense Electronics
  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Next Generation Electronics
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