Smart Phone Antenna Product Design

Laser Direct Structuring for Smart Phone Antennas

Laser Direct Structuring has been the technology of choice for creating metallic antenna patterns in cell phones for 10+ years. Of the 7 billion cell phones in use in the world today, Laser Direct Structuring has been used in over 60% to produce specific antenna patterns.

SelectConnect Technologies has worked with numerous domestic cell phone and antenna design firms to provide 3D MID prototyping for testing and evaluation of new antenna patterns and new plastic geometry. We have been able to create new antenna prototypes in only 30 days.

Once a design has been developed for the plastic antenna base, several versions of patterns can be created and tested.

CAD drawings of the alternate patterns are submitted to SelectConnect Technologies where we translate the files into laser plotting patterns and create the foundation for subsequent electroless copper, electroless nickel, and immersion gold deposition.

Once plastic molding is complete, we can produce new versions of the same part design within 5 days – shorting the lead time for testing and development of new cell phone antenna pattern designs.

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