Military Antenna Design: Bullet


Greenwave Scientific is a Designer and Manufacturer of Special Purpose Antennas for the unique applications and requirements of the U.S. Military and Joint Forces.


The customer’s challenge is to come up with lightweight conductive housing for the Bullet multi-octave broadband antenna that exceeds the durability of heavier, bulkier metal designs, while still maintaining full operation.

Product Details

The Bullet is a metal plated, injection molded plastic antenna that provides multi-octave broadband performance. The Bullet’s mating features enable configuration and polarization variation in order to support different mission objectives quickly and efficiently. The Bullet has a 1.5-8 GHz frequency range and weighs less than 1 lb.

Product Applications

The Bullet is used in many military antenna-based applications, including:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)
  • Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JRTS)
  • Ground Vehicle Electronic Warfare
  • Shipboard Electronic Warfare
  • Advanced Radar Systems
  • And more


The solutions is to leverage SelectConnect’s process to metalize non-conductors like thermoplastic resins. This process is the ideal solution because it’s designed for applications requiring antenna amplification, EMP protection, EMI/RF shielding, and surface conductivity and durability. The process deposits a wide range of copper and nickel conformal coatings, while maintaining the part’s dimensional stability. Deposit thicknesses can be 100 micro-inches to 1,000 micro-inches.

Customer Quote

We have a unique design and functionality in the Bullet. We are tasked with producing a high performance, lightweight, modular, multi-purpose unit. The SelectConnect metallization over thermoplastic molding allows us to make the Bullet rival the durability of much heavier, bulkier metal designs while optimizing performance.” – Mark Buff, President of Greenwave Scientific

SelectConnect Quote

Our process is critical for durable, high performance, lightweight antenna components used in military applications like UGV and UVA, airborne, maritime and ground vehicle applications” – Richard Macary, President of SelectConnect Technologies

About SelectConnect Technologies

As one of the only contract providers of LDS 3D-MID services in North America, SelectConnect works on projects ranging from early phase prototypes to high volume production.

We leverage the LPKF-LDS process to laser scribe circuitry on injection molded components and selectively plate circuits that are integrated in components produced by the double shot molding process.

SelectConnect Technologies is ISO 9001 and ITAR registered.

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