Omnipod Chassis

2-Shot Molded Interconnect Device for a Lighter, Slimmer Medical Device

2 Shot Molding Medical DeviceThe Omnipod insulin pump, developed by Insulet Corporation, is a classic example of the integration of 2-shot molded interconnect devices serving as the chassis for the electrical infrastructure of the medical component.

Insulet Corporation worked with Phillips Plastics to design a 2-shot pattern that would distribute electrical current throughout the Omnipod. The electrical current connects the battery to the motor, communications board, internal pump, and backup system.

In designing the 2-shot molding, Insulet chose to work with 2 contrasting grades of RTP plastic materials. The first and non-platable shot, was made with a polycarbonate material.

The second and platable shot was made from an RTP blended PC /ABS doped with a small amount of palladium metal.

With this combination of materials, SelectConnect Technologies worked with MacDermid Inc. to develop a chemical process sequence that would selectively deposit electroless copper and electroless nickel on the second shot material without depositing metal on the first shot material.

The process used a conventional plating on plastics etch and neutralization with an ionic palladium activation system follow by electroless deposition.

Parts were plated in custom plating barrels, which allowed us to process 3,000 parts at a time.

The plated chassis had 200 microinches of copper and 100 microinches of nickel.

The parts were then 100% electrical tested with a Circuit Check Custom Testing System & visually examined before being shipped back to Insulet Corporation.

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