Laser Direct Structuring Technology

Laser Direct Structuring Benefits, Process, Materials & Capabilities

SelectConnect Technologies is the North American leader for producing 3D MIDs with cutting-edge Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology.

As an authorized LPKF manufacturer, we are one of very few companies in North America who can provide this technology.


The construction is simple: a single-component injection mold, with practically no restrictions in terms of 3D design freedom!

Laser Direct Structuring technology provides more reliable and less expensive alternatives for electrical design modifications & miniaturization of electrical components (microelectronics).


Laser Direct StructuringWe translate your CAD files into laser plotting software. Our laser scribes the desired pattern, which acts as the foundation for a circuit trace on the plastic. Where the laser beam hits the plastic the metal additive forms an ablated metal oxide bearing trace.

The metal oxide particles act as the initiation sites for the subsequent electroless copper metallization.

This nuclei contains sufficient electro-negative potential to initiate copper deposition in an electroless copper process. In the electroless copper bath, the circuit trace layers arise precisely on these tracks.

The Laser Direct Structuring process uses a thermoplastic material, doped with a small amount of metallic oxide that can be activated by means of laser.


SelectConnect Technologies offers a wide range of plastic materials for the Laser Direct Structuring process.

Depending on the application requirements we can also add successive layers of electroless copper, electroless nickel and immersion gold.


LDS technology can be used in 3D MID prototyping and production. Our strong prototyping capabilities means that when a prototype mold is needed our turnaround time to produce the 3D-MID can be as short as 21-days!

LPKF, the German company who invented Laser Direct Structuring technology, has developed laser machines capable of very high production. At SelectConnect Technologies we currently have 2 MicroLine® laser machines designated to support ongoing business development for Laser Direct Structuring.

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