Free 3D-MID Design Consultations

SelectConnect Technologies offers FREE 3D-MID design consultations.

3D MID Consulting USA3D-MID design conceptualization starts with the shape of the molded plastic that the circuit will be laser structured.

Instead of a 2-dimensional plane, laser direct structuring allows the electro-mechanical design to expand into 3-dimensional shape. This allows circuits to travel throughout the molded component.

For application designs requiring space saving and miniaturization, laser direct structuring can be applied to a plastic housing or chassis instead of a conventional circuit board. This helps create interconnects without wires, harnesses, boards, and flex circuits.

Sharp corners and blind areas for laser structuring are to be avoided.

Circuit design is another important consideration when reviewing line and space width for potential shorts and opens from the design.

During 3D-MID design consultations, we’ advise on proper construction elements, including the shape of your molded component, the electronic circuit pattern, and the plastic material you’re considering.

We create your project information in the form of a Parasolid developed from a CAD file.

Our prototyping process creates a highly functional 3D-MID, while enabling a seamless manufacturing process.

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