LDS and Electroless Plating

Custom Printed Circuit Board with Laser Direct Structuring and Electroless Plating

SelectConnect Technology offers prototyping services or small volume production runs which is a very important part of our service. After the design is set and the Laser Direct Structuring grade molded parts have been made, the next step is to complete the laser direct structuring and the electroless plating. 

Custom Printed Circuit BoardThe laser direct structuring requires proper translation of the CAD files into our laser plotting software. The next step is to make soft mounting fixtures or hard mounting fixtures to hold the molded part during the lasing process.  Fiducials need to be determined for a precise laser pattern. Our experience is that we need to start with 3 times the number of parts with initial runs to allow for fallout as alignment can be an issue with first runs. Normal production should generate yields >95%. 

Electronics plating includes the electroless copper, electroless nickel, and immersion gold. The electroless plating step also provides feedback on the laser intensity. Depending on the intensity of the laser source the plating initiation can be immediate or interrupted. After the initial layer of electroless copper is deposited, the subsequent layers of electroless nickel and immersion gold are straight forward. We usually do electroless plating for prototypes in our lab in 4L beakers but can ramp up this production to 30L tanks.

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