Laser Direct Structuring Design Rules

Laser Direct Structuring Design for 3D MIDs

Laser Direct Structuring Design 3D MIDLaser Direct Structuring design must start at the concept stage.

Following proper laser direct structuring design rules is especially critical during the mold-making process in areas of the part that will be laser structured.

The structure for molded interconnect devices can be 2D or 3D.

When it comes to laser direct structuring for 3D-MIDs, it’s important to understand how the LDS traces are made and the limitations of this approach.

Angle of incidence is an important factor with MicroLine laser systems, however it is not as important with Fusion or multiple laser head machines. The structuring can only be done with line of sight from the laser heads.

Corners and edges should be rounded or tapered to maintain an electrical connection after lasing. Lines and spaces should not go lower than 0.006″ with 0.01″ being optimum.

At SelectConnect Technologies we work with our clients from prototype to production, ensuring design rules are adhered to & a quality finished component is achieved. You can also find an up-to-date set of design guidelines for laser direct structuring on the LPKF website.

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