3D-MID Design Technology

3D Molded Interconnect Devices Produced by SelectConnect

SelectConnect Technologies offers a range of services to help you produce 3D Molded Interconnect Devices from both laser direct structuring and 2-shot molding technologies.  The core 3D-MID design technology applied at SelectConnect includes electroless metallization, laser pattern engineering, laser structuring, as well as testing and inspection.

Some of the most common applications/products for which we produce 3D Molded Interconnect Devices include:

  • 3D MID Antennas (Electronics, Medical Devices, Military/Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Equipment)
  • Emitters and Receivers
  • Security Shields (Packaging, Banking/Financial, Telecommunication, Military/Defense, Aerospace, etc.)
  • Military/Defense Electronics
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Inventory Tracking Systems
  • Sensors (Temperature, Motion, Pressure, Flow, Optical)
  • Satellites
  • Plus Many More

We typically work as a sub-supplier to OEMs and Electrical Component Manufacturers who stem from a wide range of industries, and are seeking to implement 3D-MID technology within their products. We partner with the top resin manufacturers and plastic injection molders to deliver the best material for your application, and a fully metalized 3D-MID for you to populate and integrate into your product design.

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