3D MID Prototyping

3D MID Prototyping Process & Capabilities

At SelectConnect Technologies we regularly work on 3D MID prototyping projects.

We have worked with Protolabs to develop mold prototypes. Protolabs provides quick-turn thermoplastic injection molding used for prototyping advanced aluminum alloy molds that allow us to shorten the build time and lower the cost of the mold tool.

Prototyping requires mold design and fabrication, laser structuring, and electroless metallization.

Laser Direct Structuring is a great choice for prototyping 3D-MIDs and simple circuits.

The Laser Direct Structuring circuit pattern is developed by uploading CAD data into the laser plotting software. If 3D MID prototype patterns need to be adjusted, the data adjustment is simple and relatively easy to implement.

Quick-turn injection molding uses the industry standard production process for parts, so it’s an excellent predictor of manufacturability when you move to large-scale production. After these steps are complete, the 3D-MID can be assembled with connections and surface mount devices to evaluate the functionality of the concept.

When a prototype mold needs to be constructed, the turnaround time to produce the 3D-MID can be short as 21 days.

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